About The Niagara Guide

Hi. I'm Mark Kawabe. I'm not the first person to have the idea that there should be an online directory focused on Niagara. I'm not the only one doing it either: there are lots of others to choose from. Given that, you may wonder what makes The Niagara Guide special? I would say you have to decide that for yourself, but here are my thoughts.

My vision is to Bring Niagara Together. Our lives are very compartmentalized. The Niagara Guide's challenge and vision is to break down barriers between compartments, businesses, non-profits, people, cultures and municipalities. We all want a clean environment, a strong, prosperous economy and to live in harmony with our neighbours. The Niagara Guide's goal is to promote our inherent togetherness so we can grow together.

Niagara is a wonderful place and there's a lot going on. The goal of our site is to share people's stories to promote understanding, learning, knowledge and growth. The Niagara Guide is the platform, but ultimately, you are its voice.

We are constantly sharing information about organizations, businesses, events and other news on our directory, through our blog, and through other social media and direct email marketing. Our online marketing services are offered for free to a select few categories of organizations and businesses and at a reasonable yearly cost for all other companies.

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Thank you for visiting The Niagara Guide. I hope you'll share the stories you find here with others, and I invite you to share your stories with us.

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